Teresa O'Neill Santa Clara

Teresa O’Neill fights to protect the future of the Youth Soccer Park and force a proposed closed session discussion into public view, April 21, 2015.  “Some of my objections to what’s happening tonight have to do with process… I will not participate in a closed session discussion on this item tonight… I think any of these deals that involve public land have to involve a competitive, open process.”    Teresa’s comments are at 29:30 of this video. News coverage of the story is here.

Santa Clara faces a number of very important, very complex opportunities and challenges, often with immense economic or quality-of-life consequences. In recent years the pace of change and the scale of projects has stretched the limits of our ability to deal with them.

Teresa recognizes that the best solutions often require a careful balance of conflicting rights and obligations and that there are often tradeoffs and subtle shades of gray in these issues, making it critical to listen to concerns from all sides before taking a position on an issue. Please feel free to contact Teresa to share your questions, ideas and concerns.

Teresa is a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility, so the City can continue to meet its obligations, even in less prosperous economic times. Whether it’s next year’s City budget, improving financial efficiency of Silicon Valley Power or negotiating contracts for Levi’s Stadium, she is always looking out for the best interests of Santa Clara residents.

She recognizes that the interests of businesses big and small need to be balanced against the equally important rights of the average resident. Her many years of experience as a contract negotiator for Hewlett-Packard have honed her skills to identify common ground and mutually beneficial solutions.

As a strong advocate of open, transparent government, Teresa has fought hard to make it easier for the average resident to participate in the decision making process. She refused to participate in a closed session meeting she felt should have been open to the public, fought for better disclosure by paid lobbyists and fought for City Council meeting agendas and related information to be published earlier so all affected parties have a fair chance to review them before a meeting.

Teresa wants Santa Clara to continue to be a good place for children to grow up. An important factor in that is expanding and maintaining Santa Clara’s parks. She supported a successful effort to require fairer contributions by developers toward parks and open space.

As a past Chairman of the VTA Board of Directors, Teresa is keenly aware of the transportation challenges facing the area, including the importance of transportation solutions that are useful for real-world commuting while also making wise use of the available transportation funds.

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